Server River launched first data center in central India

This is the 1st day of august 2017 when we launched our first small data center at central India with the dream to develop more than 100000 server hosting facility in coming years.

Its glad day & really many challenges are ahead to complete for achieving tag of best data center provider between so many giants already there. But thing which can make us different between all is that our understanding about small business needs, value of hard earned money by them and root expertise to understand and build exact solution what expected.

What we have & what we are offering?

We currently have capacity to host 1000 servers in our facility & a team of expert youngsters to manage & support customer for every minute of time. A wide range of dedicated servers, virtual dedicated servers, Managed business application and secure business email hosting are available on demand any time.

What does motivate us?

Yes, it’s really true that, to achieve great goal it is required a great motivation. Our clear motivation is to provide servers and collocation facility in very less cost and offer from lowest configuration to high-end server configuration and highest possible up-time.

25% discount on all dedicated server for all new clients